4th Grade
Solidifying Fundamentals:
    Continued Practice of Proper Bow Hold and Playing Position
    First Notes D,E, and F#
New Notes & Songs
    Introduction of G
    Boil 'em Cabbage
    Lightly Row
    Jingle Bells / Dreidle
    French Folk Song
First Orchestra Rehearsals
    Orchestra Etiquette
    "Team" Playing
    Following a Conductor

5th Grade
Note Reading
    Note "Quizzes"
    Continued Practice of Orchestral Concert Selections
    Review of 4th Grade Scales (1 Octave D, & G)
    Introduction of 2 Octave Scales (G Violin/Bass, C Viola/Cello)
Ensemble Playing
    Concert Songs
    Following the Conductor
    Orchestra Etiquette
    Concert Preparation