4th Grade
Continued Practice of Fundamentals:
    Left (Instrument Hand) & Right (Bow Hand) Technique
    Playing Posture (Standing & Sitting)
First Concert Preparation (Pizz. & Arco)
    Hot Cross Buns
    Mary Had a ...
    Boil Them Cabbage
    Lightly Row
    Jingle Bells
    French Folk Song
First Scale
    D Scale (D String & A String Notes)

5th Grade
Concert Preparation 
    Good King Wenceslas 
    The Dredle
    Jingle Bells
Concert Etiquate
    Line-up / Seating
    Song Intros
    Exiting the Stage
After Concert Topics
    Two Octave Scales (G or C)
    Sluring (Stopped, Smooth)